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Chandrayaan 3 MahaQuiz : Win Prizes Up To 1 Lakh Rupees

The Chandrayaan-3 MahaQuiz is a noteworthy occasion that honors India’s ongoing lunar exploration efforts. This test captures the essence of India’s space program and demonstrates the country’s dedication to the advancement of science and space technology. Let’s explore this fascinating quiz’s specifics, its relevance, and India’s history of lunar research.


Chandrayaan-3 Chandrayaan, India’s comprehensive lunar exploration program, includes MahaQuiz. Chandrayaan-1 launched the program in 2008, and Chandrayaan-2 followed in 2019. The moon’s surface was found to contain water molecules, making Chandrayaan-1 a huge success. Despite difficulties during the landing phase of Chandrayaan-2, India became the fourth nation to successfully place an orbiter in lunar orbit.

The MahaQuiz:

An interactive and educational platform called the Chandrayaan-3 MahaQuiz was created to introduce individuals of all ages and educational levels to the intriguing field of lunar research and exploration. It covers a wide range of inquiries, from fundamental lunar information to cutting-edge space technology ideas. A worldwide audience interested in space science can take the quiz by registering online.

Chandrayaan 3 Mahaquiz Prize

  • The winner will receive a cash award of 1,00,000/- (one lakh rupees).
  • A cash prize of 75,000/- (Rupees Seventy Five Thousand) will be given to the runner-up.
  • A cash prize of 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand Rupees) will be given to the third-place contender.
  • Each of the following 100 contestants will receive a consolation prize of Rs. 2,000 (Rupees Two Thousand).
  • The next 200 competitors will receive consolation awards worth 1,000/- (one thousand rupees).


  1. Promoting Scientific Literacy: The Chandrayaan-3 MahaQuiz is a teaching tool that helps people, particularly the younger generation, become more scientifically literate and more conscious of space exploration. It fosters inquiry and a deeper comprehension of lunar science.
  2. Celebrating India’s Space Achievements: This quiz highlights India’s recent notable advancements in its space program. When Chandrayaan-3 is launched, it will serve as yet another example of India’s dedication to space research.
  3. Participation from around the world is made possible by the quiz’s online format, which enables people to learn about India’s space projects. It promotes a sense of interconnectedness among people who are interested in science.
  4. The quiz encourages young people to choose jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by displaying India’s space program.

India’s Lunar Exploration Journey:

  • Chandrayaan-1 (2008): Chandrayaan-1, India’s first lunar mission, achieved unprecedented success. It disproved earlier theories about the moon’s dry surface by locating water molecules there.
  • Chandrayaan-2 (2019): This mission featured a lander (Vikram), a rover (Pragyan), and an orbiter. While the Vikram lander ran into problems as it descended and ultimately lost contact with mission control, the orbiter is still studying the moon and collecting useful data.
  • Chandrayaan-3 (2023): Chandrayaan-3 is India’s anxiously awaited third attempt at lunar exploration. It will concentrate on a successful lunar landing and seek to address the issues that Chandrayaan-2 encountered. The quiz raises interest in and awareness of the impending mission.

Participation and Prizes:

The Chandrayaan-3 MahaQuiz offers participants the possibility to win fascinating prizes, which could include unique space-related goods, scholarships, or even a trip to the ISRO facilities. These rewards encourage people even more to test their understanding of lunar science and technology.

Educational Outreach:

The creators of Chandrayaan-3 MahaQuiz also run educational outreach initiatives like webinars, talks, and workshops in addition to the quiz. Participants gain a broader grasp of lunar science and India’s contributions to space exploration through these programmes.

Chandrayaan 3 Mahaquiz Rules:

  • The quiz is open to all Indian citizens.
  • As soon as the candidate enters the right OTP and clicks the “Submit” button, the quiz will begin.
  • The Chandrayaan 3 Mahaquiz consists of 10 questions that must be answered in 300 seconds. It is timed and does not carry any penalty points.
  • Participants must make sure to fill out their profile page with all true and accurate information. For future communications with the participant, reference should be made to the modified profile. Winnable profiles must be complete in order to qualify.
  • The selection of questions from the question bank will be done automatically at random.
  • A one-time password (OTP) will be provided to the contestant’s valid Indian mobile number to confirm the number before the quiz begins, and contestants from other countries can participate by using a valid email address. It sends an email ID for verification.
  • A mobile number or email address cannot participate in the quiz more than once. If there are multiple entries, the first one that was attempted will be used for analysis.

How to register in Chandrayaan 3 Mahaquiz?

  • First go to https://isroquiz.mygov.in/ for registration.
  • Then click on Participate Now button.
  • Then a new window will open, in which the contestants have to fill in all the correct information.
  • In which fill the information like name, mobile number, name, date of birth, e-mail id, state, district etc.
  • Then click on a check box and click on Proceed button.
  • After that, the mobile number entered will receive an OTP, which will start the quiz.

Register For Chandrayaan 3 Mahaquiz From Here

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